Influencer Intelligence is a service (the “Service”) provided and operated by Xeim Limited and its UK affiliates (collectively referred to in this Privacy Notice as “we”, “us” or “our”). As part of the Service, we will collect and display certain information relating to celebrities/digital influencers and their agents and contacts, which may contain personal data. This Privacy Notice is aimed at such persons (“you”, “your”) and sets out how your personal data is collected and for what purposes.

The Service is a business-to-business focused product. Information about you is collected from publically available sources. The categories of information we collect includes: age, birthday and birthplace, gender, town/city of residence, sector of work, social media influence, audience analytics, recent news, brands endorsed, charities and causes supported, skills and interests, ailments, awards won and agent, manager and publicist contact details. We may not collect all these categories of information for all celebrities/digital influencers featured on the Service.

We will always use our best efforts to ensure that the information we include about you is accurate and we do not include information from unreliable sources. We will then aim (where possible) to contact you to verify the information that we hold about you (or your client). If we subsequently learn that any information held about you on the Service is inaccurate or out of date we will aim to update this as soon as possible. To help us ensure that information is accurate and up-to-date we ask that you notify us of any changes to your contact details.

Our Service aims to put you in touch with subscribers who are interested in acquiring your (or your client’s) services and to contact you regarding potential opportunities that you may be interested in (such as endorsements). For example, a brand may use our Service to learn more about you (or your client) and to contact you (or your client) in relation to a commercial endorsement opportunity, whilst a charity may contact you (or your client) in relation to speaking at an event hosted by the charity. Being featured on the Service does not indicate any specific availability of you (or your client) and you are free to agree or reject any specific opportunities for which you are contacted.

The information we gather about you is in accordance with our and our subscribers’ legitimate interests so we can connect charities and businesses with high-profile individuals who can help raise the profile of businesses and charities (and their causes). Your information is only made available to subscribers of our Service. We will retain your information on the Service for as long as you have (or your client has) a public profile and audience following which is likely to be of interest to our subscribers, which we determine through consumer interest analytics.