My job and what I do

I am the Senior Digital Project Manager. I am the interface between digital development and the brands – my role is to ensure that the commercial, content and marketing strategy and ambition of the business is supported by a digital product development that adds value and delivers the work on time. I work within a small but perfectly formed team!

Why did I join Centaur ?

I joined Centaur in 2014 from the Press Association. I knew that Centaur would enable me to develop and grow quickly – back then, we were 90% print, but it was clear that the strategy was to grow our digital capabilities and touchpoints for all our audiences . The exposure I would get to making this happen, and having a voice, was made very clear to me in the interview process , and I was wise enough to believe it!

What do I love about my job ?

It seems crass to say this , but it’s true – I work with some wonderful , talented people . They make me laugh , push me to my limits (good and bad) but generally make me feel that my professional life has purpose and opportunity. I look back at some of the developments I have played a part in; the mistakes have enabled me to develop my skillset; the successes have made me proud to be part of such a great team.