The Oystercatchers Club boasts some of the best agencies in the UK, and our members regularly post their content on our Club platform: their latest work, campaigns and thought leadership.

Oystercatchers also shares insight, thought leadership and content from our many exclusive events that take place throughout the year, alongside case studies from our impressive brand clientele through to our specialisms of marketing transformation and agency search and selection. It was evident that we had more than enough content for our own newsletter.

And so, in January 2020, the Oystercatchers newsletter was launched.

With content from Oystercatchers Club events, interviews with panelists, thought leadership pieces, case studies, features from fellow Xeim sister brands and two new blogs ‘Spotlight on’ and ‘Ever wondered’ (the former focusing on agencies and the latter on senior brand-side marketers), there’s great content from across our industry.

Get in touch here to start receiving your monthly copy.

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