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People choose to work at Centaur for lots of different reasons – the strength of our brands, our location, or the opportunity to do different things. We have selected a number of people who have shared their own personal story of why they joined, what they love and what they do.

This group is a small snapshot of the unique talent we have and is representative of our ambition to create a diverse and talented workforce, inclusive and welcoming of race, gender, sex, age and disability.

What unites us all is a desire to do the best job possible, so that we can continue to develop world-leading content that helps our customers excel at what they do.

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Bryn Rainford

My job and what I do? I’m a Senior Account Manager at ReallyB2B. I oversee a number of accounts at the agency, running the project management, campaign success and end-to-end reporting. Why did I join Centaur? I joined the business coming up to 5 years ago as I had just finished an apprenticeship at another […]

Pia Thaker

My job and what I do I’m a Strategic Account Director within the renewals team at The Profile Group. My priorities are all focused around strengthening and maintaining our client partnerships. I do this by staying in regular contact with customers, running client meetings and ensuring that we are supporting their day to day PR […]

Zara Paes

My job and what I do I’m a Group Financial Reporting Manager. The start of my year is dedicated to preparing the Group’s financial information for the Annual Report, but in general my role is very broad. I respond to all the business’s needs and requests for financial information, analysis and understanding. Why did I […]

Portia Woollen

My job and what I do I am the Senior Digital Project Manager. I am the interface between digital development and the brands – my role is to ensure that the commercial, content and marketing strategy and ambition of the business is supported by a digital product development that adds value and delivers the work […]

Justin Weddle

My job and what I do I am the Group Director of Online Learning at Centaur. I head up the development and operational delivery of our online learning to quality, time and budget – delivering superior learning and customer service excellence. Why did I join Centaur? I joined Centaur in 2012 to lead our digital […]

Matthew Jakubiec

My job and what I do I’m the Marketing Manager for The Lawyer, one of Centaur’s leading brands, specifically focused on the subscription side of the business. I’m tasked with increasing the awareness of and conversions for our single and corporate Premium Subscriptions, Market Reports, Litigation Tracker and eLearning products. Why did I join Centaur? […]

Sonal Dalgliesh

My job and what I do I am Head of Delegate Sales and Recruitment for Xeim awards and events across Marketing Week, Design Week, Creative Review; and Festival of Marketing, the largest global event dedicated to brand marketers. Why did I join Centaur? I joined Centaur from the Financial Times in 2006, attracted by the […]