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People choose to work at Centaur for lots of different reasons – the strength of our brands, our location, or the opportunity to do different things. We have selected a number of people who have shared their own personal story of why they joined, what they love and what they do.

This group is a small snapshot of the unique talent we have and is representative of our ambition to create a diverse and talented workforce, inclusive and welcoming of race, gender, sex, age and disability.

What unites us all is a desire to do the best job possible, so that we can continue to develop world-leading content that helps our customers excel at what they do.

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Bryn Rainford

My job and what I do? I’m a Senior Account Manager at ReallyB2B. I oversee a number of accounts at the agency, running the project management, campaign success and end-to-end reporting. Why did I join Centaur? I joined the business coming up to 5 years ago as I had just finished an apprenticeship at another […]

Pia Thaker

My job and what I do I’m a Strategic Account Director within the renewals team at The Profile Group. My priorities are all focused around strengthening and maintaining our client partnerships. I do this by staying in regular contact with customers, running client meetings and ensuring that we are supporting their day to day PR […]

Zara Paes

My job and what I do I’m a Group Financial Reporting Manager. The start of my year is dedicated to preparing the Group’s financial information for the Annual Report, but in general my role is very broad. I respond to all the business’s needs and requests for financial information, analysis and understanding. Why did I […]

Portia Woollen

My job and what I do I am the Senior Digital Project Manager. I am the interface between digital development and the brands – my role is to ensure that the commercial, content and marketing strategy and ambition of the business is supported by a digital product development that adds value and delivers the work […]

Justin Weddle

My job and what I do I am the Group Director of Online Learning at Centaur. I head up the development and operational delivery of our online learning to quality, time and budget – delivering superior learning and customer service excellence. Why did I join Centaur? I joined Centaur in 2012 to lead our digital […]

Sonal Dalgliesh

My job and what I do I am Head of Delegate Sales and Recruitment for Xeim awards and events across Marketing Week, Design Week, Creative Review; and Festival of Marketing, the largest global event dedicated to brand marketers. Why did I join Centaur? I joined Centaur from the Financial Times in 2006, attracted by the […]