16 May 2006: The Engineer, one of the most famous names in British magazine publishing, and one of the leading titles published by Centaur Holdings Plc ('Centaur') this week marked its 150th Anniversary with a unique editorial package that combines pride in its unrivalled heritage with a unique glimpse of a technology-rich future.

The Engineer was founded in 1856 to chronicle the great Victorian age of innovation. In 2006 the magazine and its website, The Engineer Online, continue that tradition with coverage of the latest developments in engineering and technology from the UK and around the world.

To mark its 150th Anniversary, The Engineer has for the first time placed more than 30 classic articles from its unique archive on the internet.

The archive - which is available in PDF format to view and print free of charge at www.theengineer.co.uk/150years includes the following fascinating material:

  • What are the lessons of the Titanic disaster?
  • The first Rover car is unveiled.
  • How the Spitfire's new engine will help beat the Luftwaffe.
  • Mr Baird's television really does work.
  • Brunel's Great Eastern leaves her moorings.
  • Edison's new light.
  • And Wembley WILL be finished in time for the FA Cup Final (the 1923 version).

As well as those mentioned above, the archive includes:

  • 1877 The miracle that is the telephone
  • 1888 A trip on the Euston to Edinburgh flyer
  • 1909 Mr Marconi explains his wireless telegraph
  • 1945 On board a captured U-boat
  • 1957 The surprise of Sputnik
  • 1967 A first look at Concorde

The release of this unique collection of articles into The Engineer's online archive coincides with publication of a 150th Anniversary Special Edition of the magazine. This includes a rare interview with Sir Bernard Lovell, the founder of the Jodrell Bank observatory and one of the UK's leading scientists, whose work on radar helped tip the balance of the Second World War.

It also celebrates The Engineer as it is today, with a look into the possible futures for some of the most important areas of technological innovation such as aerospace, automotive, medical systems, nanotechnology and robotics. Contributors include senior technology experts from Rolls-Royce, Nasa, GE Healthcare, Qinetiq and the BBC.

The content of the Anniversary Special underlines Centaur's successful repositioning of The Engineer as the UK's leading magazine and website for technology and innovation. This will be reinforced further in June, when The Engineer Summit will take place at Imperial College, London, to debate what needs to be done to create a sustainable UK technology economy for the future.

Andrew Lee, editor of The Engineer, said: 'The Engineer's archive is more than a unique record of the history of engineering, technology and science. It is a great resource for anyone interested in the story behind some of the most important events in UK and world history. We are proud and delighted to be able to share it with everyone to mark The Engineer's 150th anniversary.'

The Engineer is published fortnightly by Centaur Media PLC. The Engineer Online is at http://www.theengineer.co.uk.


Andrew Lee, Editor, The Engineer
Tel: 020 7970 4181