My job and what I do

I’m the Marketing Manager for The Lawyer, one of Centaur’s leading brands, specifically focused on the subscription side of the business. I’m tasked with increasing the awareness of and conversions for our single and corporate Premium Subscriptions, Market Reports, Litigation Tracker and eLearning products.

Why did I join Centaur?

I joined Centaur in July 2017 on a six-month temporary contract, working across our legal and financial portfolios. Six months swiftly became nine and I was subsequently offered a permanent role with The Lawyer in March 2018. I initially joined because of the brand strength of both The Lawyer and Centaur, but stayed for the direction that the company was going; strategy focused on growing our digital capabilities, away from the print and advertising proposition of the past.

What do I love about my job?

My love is threefold:

  • The rate of change at The Lawyer is astonishing: from launching multiple new products on a yearly basis to utilising new marketing technology, I’ve had the pleasure of always being challenged.
  • Starting as a temporary contractor yet two-and-a-half years later becoming part of the brand’s leadership team is testament to the opportunities and responsibilities that you can be exposed to here.
  • It’s a cliché, but true: the people really are great. Not only is everyone super friendly and sociable, their expertise and knowledge shine through.