How We Do

Centaur Media aims to enable and inspire the very best performance. We do this by understanding our customers and their needs, and creating products and services to deliver essential, engaging content.

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do; our content creators, data experts, event organisers and digital specialists work together to connect our customers with the best information and experiences.

The range of our products and services is unrivalled, from our award-winning events to our market-leading digital data products.

With a relentless focus on the customer, we aim to create insight, interaction and impact.


Our data intelligence and specialist marketplace products and services provide fantastic levels of insight that serve our customers' business requirements.


Case study: Celebrity Intelligence

Our celebrity engagement tool provides detailed insight into the professional activities of 40,000 global celebrities. From interview and endorsement opportunities to social media buzz ratings, celebrity skills and key contact details, Celebrity Intelligence provides media, brands and retailers, PRs and charities with the information they need to match the best celebrity to their needs.

Celebrity Intelligence website


Our events, communities and network connect the people who matter, enabling interaction across each of our markets with unrivalled levels of engagement.


Our content, editorial and commercial partnerships aim to create real impact in the lives of our customers, actively informing the decisions they make and roles they play.


Case study: Platforum

Platforum enables financial providers and fund managers to make critical decisions that will impact the highly competitive £400 billion online retail financial distribution markets. Platforum's content is delivered in multiple formats, all created from proprietary data by industry experts. Platforum's customers include product providers, fund managers, financial advisers, platforms and technology companies.

Platforum website