Homeland Security Finance Forum

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The world’s premier Homeland Security business event

HSFF is a unique event that takes place every March in Washington DC. Attendees include CEOs and other industry leaders, government officials, lenders, investors and investment bankers.

The event examines the rapidly changing Homeland Security industry and provides guidance on how businesses can work more effectively both with government and the financial markets. Through a carefully structured programme of keynote presentations, panel discussions, interviews, round tables and peer interaction attendees gain key insights to drive greater revenues and grow their business.

More specifically, the event is designed to answer the key questions:

  • Where do business opportunities really exist?
  • How can you raise your profile and make your business more attractive to large organizations?
  • What is the investment climate for 2013 and beyond?
  • Are there new ways of raising finance?
  • Which government departments really matter and how to gain access to them?
  • How are organizations gaining ground through collaborative partnerships?
  • Where are the next key markets and strategies for gaining entry?
  • What are the emerging security threats looming on the horizon and how to tackle them?
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